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Vacancies on CAUT Equity Committee

Call for Nominations

CAUT is seeking to fill two casual vacancies on the Equity Committee. The vacancies are for (1) a member representing academic staff with disabilities and (2) a member representing Women academic staff for a term that will expire in May 2024.

When a casual vacancy arises, CAUT’s procedures call for the Executive Committee to appoint a replacement after consulting with member associations. The recommended replacement will be presented for ratification at the next meeting of CAUT Council. The replacement is appointed to fill the remainder of the term.

The Equity Committee is composed of two members of the following groups: Aboriginal academic staff; academic staff with disabilities; lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans, queer and two-spirited academic staff; racialized academic staff, and women academic staff.  Members of the Equity Committee should have considerable experience in and commitment to the advancement of equity. Members should be willing and available to dedicate significant time between meetings to the work of the Committee, including drafting and editing policy documents, preparing advice for the Executive and Council, and other related activities.

Current list of committee members

Nomination Form

If your association wishes to nominate someone to fill this vacancy, please complete the attached nomination form and submit it no later than October 15, 2021.

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