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Equity Committee

The Equity Committee is a standing committee of Council. The role of the committee is to make recommendations to CAUT Council and Executive Committee on policy matters and activities in relation to equity in post-secondary education.

Meetings of the Equity Committee are chaired by 2 co-chairs who are elected by CAUT Council and serve as members of the CAUT Executive Committee.

Nomination Form

Members of the Equity Committee

  • Pat Armstrong (York University Faculty Association) - Co-Chair
  • Vacancy - Co-Chair
  • Aboriginal Academic Staff
    • Zaa Joseph (British Columbia Institute of Technology Staff & Faculty Association)
    • Sharon McIver (Nicola Valley/Federation of Post-Secondary Educators)
  • Academic Staff with Disabilities
    • Cathy Chovaz (King's University College Faculty Association)
    • Vacancy
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered, Queer and 2-Spirited Academic Staff
    • Nola Etkin (University of Prince Edward Island Faculty Association)
    • Johanne Quirk (Capilano/Federation of Post-Secondary Educators)
  • Racialized Academic Staff
    • Ken Ko (Queen's University Faculty Association)
    • Glenda Tibe Bonifacio (Lethbridge University Faculty Association)
  • Women Academic Staff
    • Petra Rohrbach (McGill Association of University Teachers)
    • Susan Spronk (Association fo Professors of the University of Ottawa)
  • Pam Foster (Director of Research and Political Action, CAUT)

The president is an ex-officio (voting) member and the executive director is an ex-officio (non-voting) member of all standing committees.