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About Us

Founded in 1951, CAUT is the national voice for academic staff representing 72,000 teachers, librarians, researchers, general staff and other academic professionals at some 125 universities and colleges across the country. CAUT is an outspoken defender of academic freedom and works actively in the public interest to improve the quality and accessibility of post-secondary education in Canada.

CAUT working for you

From lobbying governments to providing collective bargaining and legal support, CAUT actively advances the social and economic interests of its members. CAUT offers courses, workshops and conferences, and investigates threats to academic freedom. The national office undertakes extensive research, and publishes reports, newsletters, books and a monthly newspaper. CAUT liaises with Canada's media and works in national and international coalitions dedicated to the welfare of academic staff and students. For more information, view CAUT video // download CAUT Working for You 

Where we stand

CAUT actively promotes public post-secondary education that meets the needs of students and the public. We press for public funding and policies to ensure our institutions are accessible and to safeguard the freedom of our members to teach and conduct research unrestricted by commercial or other special interests. For more information, view CAUT Membership

Making a difference

CAUT advances equity and human rights within our profession. We fight for fair working conditions, compensation and benefits that foster quality teaching and innovative research. CAUT works for collegial institutional governance that is publicly accountable and gives the academic community its proper voice.

For more information about the activities and services we offer, view the CAUT Field Guide.