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Equity Toolkit



This toolkit is an online hub for associations and unions to address and advance equity in academic workplaces.  Academic staff associations are committed to seeking equity for members of marginalized groups disproportionately excluded from full participation in the academy. Such groups include but are not limited to Black and Indigenous people, People of Colour, people living with disabilities, persons who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, or 2-spirited, women and gender non-conforming people. The commitment to equity begins with the acknowledgement of inequity and demands proactive redress for the effects of systemic discrimination.

In the post-secondary education environment, systemic discrimination has manifested itself in barriers to access, employment, governance, inclusion, respect, and acceptance. In addition to the toll on colleagues experiencing systemic discrimination, the privileging of particular forms of knowledge production, dissemination and pedagogy limits excellence in teaching, research and service. This toolkit  contains resources, research, information, tools, and case studies to strengthen efforts of academic staff associations to advance equity on campus.

This toolkit is a living resource. It will grow and evolve with your input. 

If you have comments, case studies or questions, we want to hear from you!