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Sep 2021

Advocacy 2020

Overview No matter the outcome of the upcoming federal election, the year ahead promises to be challenging for academic staff. In preparation, CAUT is offering media, communications, and campaigning training. This fast-paced Advocacy 2020 workshop will focus on the tools necessary to...

Oct 55

CAUT Defence Fund

Annual Meeting of Members and Board of Trustees

Oct 711

Fair Employment Week

Make it fair for Academic Staff

Oct 1719

2019 Western Regional Conference

URFA is pleased to host the 2019 Western Regional Conference in Regina from October 17-19, 2019.  Information about the conference, including registration, hotel information, contact information, and conference agenda items please click on the link below. 2019 Western Regional Conference

Oct 2324
Oct 2526

Librarians' and Archivists' Conference

Overview – Academic libraries and archives across Canada are facing reorganization and restructuring. These initiatives can threaten the positions and work of librarians and archivists, and undermine traditions of collegial governance. The 2019 CAUT Librarians’ & Archivists’ Conference will...

Nov 2627
Nov 2828
Nov 291


Council – November 2019

Dec 1314

Forum for Senior Grievance Officers

The Academic Grievance // Forum Overview “The academic workplace is uniquely characterized by academic freedom, collegial governance, and the job processes and protections associated with peer-based determinations of promotion and tenure. Through presentations, plenary discussions, and small...

Jan 1718
Feb 78
Feb 2122

Equity Conference

Organizing for Equity: Tools and Skills for Activists Delta Ottawa City Centre 101 Lyon Street Ottawa, ON K1R 5T9 Overview Be inspired, and inspire others, at the CAUT 2020 Equity Conference. The event is an important opportunity to sharpen political tools and strengthen change-making...

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