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Education & Training

For information about our workshops, please email CAUT’s Education Officer at

CAUT provides virtual workshops to assist local associations in building active and knowledgeable memberships. The courses are offered without charge. 

The following courses are offered in the fall and spring. Dates and registration information are circulated in August and December.  


In this foundational course, participants discuss and practice:  

  • How to better engage and organize members; 
  • Identifying organic leaders and conducting one-on-one conversations;  
  • How to develop and implement effective campaigns and political action; and  
  • Tips for effective communications with your members and other stakeholders.  

As part of this course, participants will complete: Four weekly online modules (2 hours each) and four 3-hour webinars with academic staff from across the country.  


Your collective agreement outlines the rights of your association’s members and the responsibilities of the employer. But negotiating an effective collective agreement requires preparation and practice. 

In this course, you will explore: 

  • Bargaining terms and concepts;  
  • Your province’s legal framework; 
  • How to build relationships and communicate effectively with your members;  
  • Power Mapping;  
  • Developing a Bargaining Mandate;  
  • Preparing proposals and bargaining protocols; and 
  • Managing the table and staying organized during bargaining – whether in-person or online.  

Through a realistic simulated round of negotiations, the course allows participants with little or no negotiation experience to develop bargaining, language drafting and team work skills - and face the dynamics of the bargaining table.  

As part of this course, participants will complete one online module and two 3-hour Zoom sessions.

Grievance Handling

Representing your members when they file a grievance against the employer is a key function of your association.  

In this course, participants will:  

  • Situate the right to grieve in a historical context;  
  • Distinguish a grievance from a complaint; 
  • Identify different types of grievances;  
  • Explore the legislative and contractual framework underlying the grievance arbitration process;  Define the components of the grievance officer's job; and  
  • Write a basic grievance and negotiate a grievance settlement.  

Together with colleagues from across Canada, participants will complete one online module and one 3-hour Zoom session.  

The following courses are in development as remote offerings and can offered to associations upon request. Please email for more information.   


An introduction to the skills and tools that allow an association to effectively convey messages to members, the media, and the wider community. The course combines a mix of instruction, discussion, and media simulation exercises designed to assist participants in developing and implementing successful communications strategies.  

Participants will complete one online module and one 3-hour Zoom session.  


This workshop focuses on utilizing key association tools – collective bargaining, grievance arbitration, and mobilizing campaigns – to advance equity on campus. Designed for association leaders and activists, this workshop is an opportunity to strengthen the association’s ability to more effectively achieve diverse, inclusive, and discrimination-free workplaces.  

Participants will complete one online module and one 3-hour Zoom session.


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