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Education & Training

For information about our workshops, please email Paul Jones, Education Officer, at

CAUT provides education programs to assist local associations to build their core of active and knowledgeable members. Courses (unless otherwise noted) are offered at member associations' location. CAUT provides the courses without charge to the local associations.

Membership Engagement

The purpose of this workshop is to strengthen associations by encouraging greater member participation in them. The event lasts one full day and is open to all members. Course material on ways to encourage greater involvement is facilitated through individual and group exercises, role-playing and group discussions.”

Introduction to Collective Bargaining

For faculty association members with little or no negotiation experience. Through a realistic simulated round of negotiations, the course allows participants to develop bargaining, language drafting and team work skills as well as experience the dynamics of the negotiating table. The session begins with a review of the legal framework governing bargaining and a discussion of the rules of contractual interpretation. (Course length: 2 days — offered locally)

Grievance Handling

Introduction to dealing with members' complaints and to determining whether filing a grievance is an appropriate option. Through a series of exercises, participants learn how to proceed with a grievance through the step process — initial fact-finding, drafting the grievance, and settlement discussions. The course concludes with a brief introduction to the arbitration process. (Course length:1½ days — offered locally)

Intellectual Property

A half-day workshop for local associations about the key intellectual property issues facing academic staff, with particular focus on ownership rights and developments in federal policy. (Workshop length: ½ day — offered locally)

Media and Communications

A one-day workshop that prepares participants to communicate effectively with the media and to develop in-house communication strategies. The course combines a mix of instruction, modelling exercises, and taped questions and answers to simulate a variety of interview situations. The workshop is offered both individually and in groups.

Equity Workshop

This workshop is for associations seeking to advance their work for equity. It is a one-day, on-site facilitated workshop that identifies key equity issues in the post-secondary sector and at your institution. It provides strategies to help associations, association leaders and individual members address the equity issues identified. Designed for association leaders and activists, this workshop is an opportunity to strengthen the association’s ability to advocate more effectively for equity as an association as well as within the broader institution.

Health and Safety Training – Level I

CAUT offers a one and a half-day training course on occupational health and safety for members of executives, stewards's councils, association boards as well as members of joint health and safety committees. (1.5 days, offered locally)

Health and Safety Training – Level II

This one-day advanced course is primarily for joint health and safety committee members and others who have completed the Level I course. It focuses on health and safety legislation and grievances. (1 day, offered locally)