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February 2017


Equity once & for all

The faculty association at York University decided to take matters into its own hands to advance equity by making it...

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February, 2017

Academic advisor

E.H. of Winnipeg writes I have asked for workplace accommodation for recurring symptoms of my...

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February, 2017

President’s message / Social dimensions of education policy

By James Compton Even among well-heeled Canadian CEOs, some CEOs are more equal than others....

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In this Issue

Human rights have become an integral feature of modern law in Canada. Rights that were hardly imaginable...


Interview / Melissa Jean

Brescia Faculty Association just finished a successful round of contract negotiations. As the president of the...

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Book review

Book review / Academic freedom in an age of conformity: Confronting the fear of knowledge

Joanna Williams. Palgrave Macmillan. 2016; 217 pp; ISBN: 978-1-13751-478-3. By Len Findlay As its title attests,...

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