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Health & Safety Advisories

Radon (Issue 36)

This Fact Sheet identifies the health risks of exposure to radon and highlights some of the resources available to assist academic staff associations and workplace Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC) to effectively identify and mitigate workplace radon exposure.

Ergonomics for the Fine-Arts (Issue 35)

This fact sheet explores the ergonomic needs of artists and staff working in Fine Arts departments, who have particular ergonomic needs that often require specialized approaches. They experience a range of movement, voice, and repetitive strain issues that are different from typical ergonomic stressors experienced by other academic staff.

Previous Titles

Terms of Reference for JHSC’s (Apr 2012)

Terms of reference (TOR) for the workplace joint health and safety committee (JHSC) are an essential component of a wellfunctioning committee. They provide the framework which guides the committee members in how to carry out their duties in their particular workplace.

Enforcing Workplace Health & Safety Rights (May 2010)

The right to a healthy and safe workplace is one of the most important protections that workers enjoy. While occupational health and safety legislation and a range of other statutes and regulations provide a strong foundation for these rights, they only take on real meaning if the association is prepared to enforce them.