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The minority Liberal government delivered Budget 2021 on April 19, two full years since it tabled its last. Presented during the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, “A recovery plan for job, growth, and resilience” extends emergency measures for Canadians, while investing in a wide range of programs aimed at providing targeted stimulus with a focus on an equitable recovery.
Term extension shrinks the public domain, restricts expressive activity and the ability of authors and artists to incorporate and reflect the world around them into new creative works. To ameliorate this imbalance, actions must be taken to mitigate to the extent possible the impact of term extension, including the granting of new rights to students, teachers, researchers, and the general public.
The impact of the pandemic has amplified many of the pre-existing problems in the post-secondary sector, including the weaknesses in the funding model with its over-reliance on student fees and dependence on precarious workers. The recommendations outlined in this pre-budget submission highlight how the post-secondary education sector can build a better, stronger, and more equitable Canada after the pandemic.
Post-secondary education and research benefits all Canadians. Individual benefits spill over and help everyone. This is why CAUT is calling on federal leaders to strengthen post-secondary education.
Impacts of the pandemic on post-secondary teachers and staff. Summary of our survey.