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August Advocate: LUFA demands collegial governance - NUFSA votes unanimously for strike - CAUT calls for $400-million federal investment

In this issue:

  • Lakehead academic staff demand collegial governance
  • Northern Ontario School of Medicine academic staff unanimously support strike
  • CAUT calls for $400-million investment in science and research
  • CAUT supports Hassan Diab petition
  • Rebecca Givan to keynote the Contract Academic Staff Conference

Lakehead academic staff demand collegial governance

Lakehead University Faculty Association (LUFA) recently launched a letter-writing campaign to demand that their university’s administration respect collegial governance. Academic staff deserve a meaningful opportunity to shape the environment in which they pursue and share knowledge. 

CAUT invites academic staff associations to share this campaign with their colleagues and help LUFA collect more signatures to defend democratic decision-making within the Lakehead University community. 

Northern Ontario School of Medicine academic staff unanimously support strike

Members of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine University (NOSM U) Faculty and Staff Association (NUFSA) have voted 100% in favour of a strike mandate as negotiations with the university administration continue. 

“NUFSA members’ overwhelming strike mandate is a clear indication that medical education faculty and professional staff are willing to take the measures necessary to protect teaching and learning conditions at NOSM U, up to and including a strike,” said Darrel Manitowabi, NUFSA President, in a media release

CAUT calls for $400-million investment in science and research

This month, CAUT called for an annual $400-million investment in the federal research support system, for five years. 

As part of its 2024 pre-budget submission to the federal government, CAUT recommends this funding to ensure affordability among students and early career researchers, to better support and keep scientists and researchers in Canada, and to use Canada’s science and research ability to address societal challenges. 

CAUT recommended six other ways the federal government can support post-secondary education: 

  • Increase the number and value of graduate student scholarships and post-doctoral fellowships by $200 million over two years 
  • Create a fully funded national post-secondary education strategy, with a vision for public, high-quality, affordable and accessible post-secondary education and research 
  • Permanently increase the Canada Student Grant to pandemic levels of $6,000 and reweight Canada’s grants and loan model toward a 50:50 ratio 
  • Amend the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act and the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act to exclude public post-secondary education institutions 
  • Close the gap in Indigenous post-secondary educational attainment and support with an additional $650-million annual investment 
  • Renew and expand investments to improve and monitor equity, diversity and inclusion in research and post-secondary education 

Read the full submission on our website to learn more about CAUT’s priorities and recommendations. 

CAUT supports Hassan Diab petition

Last month, CAUT President Peter McInnis joined Dr. Hassan Diab and the Hassan Diab Support Committee to hand deliver a petition with more than 10,000 signatures to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office.  

McInnis spoke to CTV News during the rally and expressed hope that the never-ending “draconian process” that “destroyed his academic career” will finally result in justice for Dr. Diab. 

CAUT urges the Canadian government to prevent a new extradition of Dr. Diab to France. To support this call, send a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Rebecca Givan to keynote the Contract Academic Staff Conference

Dr. Rebecca Givan, President of the Rutgers Chapter of the American Association of University Professors – American Federation of Teachers (AAUP-AFT), will present the opening keynote address at CAUT’s Contract Academic Staff Conference on October 20, 2023, at the Delta Ottawa City Centre. 

In April, Dr. Givan led Rutgers AAUP-AFT to join two other unions at Rutgers University in a strike for the first time in the school’s 257-year history. The three academic unions, which represent an estimated 9,000 full- and part-time academic staff, bargained together and ultimately won better pay for adjunct faculty and graduate student workers, among other significant gains. 

Register now to learn more about the importance of inter-union solidarity in the fight to improve the working conditions of precarious workers in the post-secondary education sector. 

The conference will explore how the voices of contract academic staff should be included in governance and decision-making bodies as well as within our academic staff associations. Participants will also discuss ongoing and emerging issues facing contract academic staff and gain the skills and resources needed to run effective campaigns for change. 

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