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CAUT calls for $3 billion dollar investment in national post-secondary education strategy

(Ottawa, August 11, 2021) Last week, CAUT called for a national post-secondary education strategy that includes a $3 billion dollar investment to help bolster Canada’s research community and give Canadians better access to high-quality, affordable education.

As part of its 2022 pre-budget submission, CAUT made six recommendations to the federal government including more money for basic research and Indigenous education. CAUT will be working with its members throughout the upcoming federal election to drive home the message that an investment in education is what will build a strong and equitable Canada into the future.

The federal government has demonstrated a willingness to show leadership in addressing national problems that are within provincial jurisdiction, such as childcare and the development of national standards for long-term care. CAUT’s 2022 pre-budget submission makes the case how a similar commitment can reverse a decade of public underfunding of post-secondary education.