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Flying, driving pickets from across Canada show support for striking FUNSCAD members

(Ottawa – March 8, 2019) CAUT Defence Fund flying and driving pickets are in Halifax today in solidarity with members of the Faculty Union of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (FUNSCAD), marking their first week on strike.

"NSCAD enjoys a significant budgetary surplus, student enrollments are up, and academic staff have taken on additional duties and workload,” said CAUT president James Compton. “Despite these facts, the Board of Governors continues to demand four more years of belt-tightening from our members at the expense of students' learning experience. It's time for the Board to do the right thing and support the core mission of the college."

"From across the country, academic staff stand united with our colleagues at FUNSCAD,” said Defence Fund president Ted Binnema. “Today, colleagues from northern British Columbia to Newfoundland, are honoured to walk the picket line with FUNSCAD members in Halifax. We will continue to support them until they get a fair deal from their employer. The wall of solidarity is strong."

Academic Staff at NSCAD have been working without a contract since June 30, 2018. FUNSCAD, which represents about 95 full and part-time faculty and librarians, started bargaining last September and went through conciliation. In January, members voted 97.5% in favour of a strike vote.

See FUNSCAD’s website for updates and to send letters of protest to the president and board of governors of NSCAD.

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