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Let’s support FUNSCAD

The Faculty Union of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (FUNSCAD) is seeking your help in their efforts to avert a strike.

Bargaining began last September, but after 18 bargaining sessions and two days of conciliation, the administration has offered little to address the issues of major concern to academic staff. Consequently, FUNSCAD members voted 97.5% in favour of a strike should progress in negotiations cease.

In 2016, in order to help NSCAD deal with a difficult fiscal environment, FUNSCAD members agreed to roll over the terms of their previous contract, suspend limits on the reduction of numbers of full-time faculty, and accept wage increases well below cost of living. Today, NSCAD has posted a significant budgetary surplus, student enrollments are up, and faculty have taken on additional duties and workload. Nevertheless, the Board of Governors is continuing to demand four more years of belt-tightening from FUNSCAD members.

There is still time for the Board to act to avert a strike. You can help by taking action now. Visit their website to send a letter to NSCAD’s President and Board of Governors urging them to negotiate a fair and equitable agreement.