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CAUT Statement on Labour Day

(Ottawa – August 31, 2018) The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) marks Labour Day 2018 by recognizing the many achievements of the trade union movement, and committing to continuing the fight for improved standards of living for all workers.

CAUT, along with other unions and employee associations, has been instrumental in promoting equity at Canada’s universities and colleges, and remains a vocal advocate for academic freedom and professional rights won through collective representation.

But serious challenges remain, including the growing corporatization of institutions of higher learning,  and an increasing reliance on contract hiring.  

CAUT will continue to push back against these trends and will work to promote the integrity of our universities and colleges, and advance the rights and security of workers on campus.

This Labour Day, we recognize the need for continued solidarity across the labour movement, as we stand against the casualization of academic work, and for the advancement of health and safety standards in all workplaces, and of a fair and equitable society.

Media contact:

Lisa Keller, Communications Officer, Canadian Association of University Teachers; 613-726-5186 (o); 613-222-3530 (c)