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CAUT calls on federal government to stand for decent work

(Ottawa – 6 October 2017)  On this day as we mark the 10th anniversary of World Day for Decent Work (WDDW), the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) has written to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to highlight the role which the federal government can and should play in realizing and implementing a decent work agenda in Canada.

In this effort, CAUT joins with trade unions around the globe calling for government action promoting economic growth that puts people first.

As with many workers in different sectors throughout our country and the world, an increasing number of teachers at Canada’s colleges and universities are employed on short-term contracts with low pay, few benefits and no job security.

Such precarious employment undermines the quality of post-secondary education and unfairly compromises the future of talented researchers and teachers.

“Federal leadership is essential to promoting fair work conditions that support workers and tackle inequality,” says CAUT executive director David Robinson.  “Canada could serve as a model for best practices for other countries around the globe with the right effort.”