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Scientists and researchers want change in federal science policy

During Science Literacy Week, scientists and researchers are meeting across Canada to discuss the need to address the science policy crisis in Canada.

“Researchers and scientists are frustrated by misguided policies that divert funding away from basic discovery-driven research, restrict scientists from communicating results, and give industry too much influence over public research funds,” said Robin Vose, President of the Canadian Association of University Teachers and professor at St. Thomas University. “The current path we are on is hurting, not helping, research, innovation and job growth.”

The Canadian Association of University Teachers’ Get Science Right campaign is bringing together researchers and scientists to highlight the need to reinvest in basic discovery-driven research, create a Parliamentary Science Officer to provide independent science advice, re-instate the long-form Census, and unmuzzle scientists to protect public and environmental health, safety and well-being.

“Over the last decade, the public has lost access to key data and research findings, Canadian investment in R&D has lagged behind other countries, and ideology instead of evidence is driving policy,” said Vose. “It’s time to imagine a new direction in science policy. It’s time to Get Science Right.”

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