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CAUT Labour Day Statement – 2015

On this Labour Day, the Canadian Association of University Teachers celebrates the achievements of the trade union movement in contributing to better terms and conditions of employment for working people, and to a more equitable society for all.

Trade unions have improved the quality of life of working people by promoting health and safety in the workplace, fighting for decent pensions and benefits, and securing maternity and parental leaves.

The union movement has been and remains on the front line in fighting against discrimination and harassment.

By winning better employment standards and important social protections, labour unions have improved the livelihoods of workers, their families, and their communities.

In colleges and universities, unions have been outspoken defenders of accessibility, quality, adequate public funding, and academic freedom. Academic staff face similar challenges as workers in other sectors, confronting increased casualization and pressure to roll back hard fought gains.

Faced with legislative attacks by some governments, including the federal government's Bill C-377 and Nova Scotia's Bill 100, we are reminded of the continued need for unity and vigilance in protecting working conditions.

CAUT commits to continued work in solidarity with labour unions across sectors to defend workers’ rights on campus and across the broader work force.