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Urgent Action: Stop Bill C-377

Yesterday, Conservatives in the Senate gave notice to introduce a motion to limit debate and force a final vote on Bill C-377, anti-labour legislation that would impose onerous reporting requirements on CAUT and all its member associations

The Conservative motion subverts democratic debate in an effort to force through a bill intended to undermine the work of labour organizations in Canada.

Some Conservative Senators, such as Senator Diane Bellemare, oppose C-377. With time for proper procedural debate, it is still possible that this Bill could be voted down.

Send a message to Conservative Senators today to oppose their efforts to subvert democracy and pass bad legislation.

Take action now by e-mailing and calling Conservative Senate Leader Claude Carignan (; 613-992-0240 or 1-800-267-7362) with the message that he should allow a democratic debate on C-377.