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Pay equity initiatives undertaken by Canadian post-secondary institutions

Carleton University 2015 Analysis of Gender Differential in Faculty Salaries at Carleton University 
Carleton University 2018 Gender inequality in faculty and instructor salaries at Carleton 
McGill University  2009 Administrative Response to the CASP Report on Academic Salary Differentials by Gender 
McGill University  2011 Update on the Administrative Response to the CASP Report on Academic Salary Differentials by Gender 
McGill University  2013 Update on Gender Salary Differentials: Tenure Stream Academic Staff 
McGill University  2015 McGill University Report on Employment Equity 
McGill University  2016 Senate Open Discussion on Employment Equity at McGill 
McGill University  2017 Employment Equity Biennial Report to Senate 
McGill University  2019 Employment Equity Biennial Report to Senate 
McGill University  2020 Final Report 
McMaster University  1990 Report of the Task Force on the Integration of Female Faculty at McMaster University 
McMaster University  1999 Gender Patterns in Faculty Participation: A Decade of Experience at a Mid-sized University 
McMaster University  2014 Summary of an Analysis of Gender Pay Equity of Full-Time Faculty Members 
McMaster University  2015 An Analysis of Gender Equity in MUFA Faculty Salaries 
McMaster University  2016 Update on Gender Equity in MUFA Faculty Salaries Analysis 
Memorial University of Newfoundland  1974 A Report on Sex Discrimination in Faculty Salaries at Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1973-74 
Memorial University of Newfoundland  1974 Sex Discrimination in Faculty Salaries at Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1973-74 
Memorial University of Newfoundland  1977 Sex Discrimination in Faculty Salaries: A Case Study 
Memorial University of Newfoundland  1985 Sex Discrimination in Faculty Salaries at Memorial University: A Decade Later 
Queen's University  1991 Report of the Principal's Panel to Review Faculty Women's Salaries 
Simon Fraser University   1994 An Evaluation of Pay Equity Reports at Five Canadian Universities 
Simon Fraser University   2015 Gender Disparity in Faculty Salaries at Simon Fraser University 
Simon Fraser University   2016 Salary Equity Recommendation Committee Final Report 
Simon Fraser University   2016 Salary Equity Agreement 
University of Alberta   2013 Opening Doors, Closing Gender Gaps: Female and Male Professors by Rank, Diversity and Faculty at the University of Alberta 
University of Alberta   2017 Final Report: Gaps in Professional Compensation for Women, Visible Minorities, and Indigenous People at the University of Alberta 
University of Alberta   2014-2017 Gender-based Pay Differences Amongst Faculty University of Alberta 2014-2017 
University of Alberta   2019 Memorandum of Agreement 2019 Gender Pay Equity 
University of British Columbia 2009 Statistical Analysis of UBC Faculty Salaries 
University of British Columbia 2010 An Analysis of the Gender Pay Gap in Professorial Salaries at UBC 
University of British Columbia 2012 Report of the Gender Pay Equity Recommendation Committee
University of Calgary  2005 Faculty Salary Equity Report 
University of Calgary  2005 Next Steps: Report of the Gender Equity Project 
University of Calgary  2013 Faculty Retention and Gender 
University of Calgary & TUCFA 2019 A Joint Salary Review Committee 
University of Guelph  2017 The Public Faculty Salary Analysis  
University of Lethbridge  2005 The University of Lethbridge Employment Equity Plan 
University of Lethbridge  2008 Salary Equity Committee Report to the University of Lethbridge 
University of Manitoba  1994 Systemic Gender Differences in Academic Salaries at the University of Manitoba 
University of Manitoba  2011 Ten Years After: Sex and Salaries at a Canadian University. Canadian Public Policy 
University of Manitoba  2016 Regression and selected decomposition results for a 3-period sex and salaries analysis 
University of Manitoba  2017 Brown, Laura K.; Troutt, Elizabeth. (2017). Sex and Salaries at a Canadian University: The Song Remains the Same or the Times They Are a Changin'? Canadian Public Policy  
University of Manitoba  2019 Study of Gender-based Salary Differentials at the University of Manitoba 
University of Regina 1987 Compensation Equity Based on Gender Among Academic Staff of the University of Regina 
University of Regina   1993 Gender and Faculty Salaries at the University of Regina 
URFA 2018 The Gender Pay Gap on Campus 
University of Toronto  2002 Joint Statement from the University of Toronto and Ursula Franklin, Phyllis Grosskurth, Blanche Lemco Van Ginkel and Cicely Watson 
University of Toronto  2012 UTFA Salary Anomaly Fund Proposal 
University of Toronto  2017 Gender and Salary Data Report. Tristat Resources 
University of Toronto  2019 Faculty Gender Pay Equity 
University of Victoria   1993 Equity and University Governance 
University of Victoria   2014 Summary Report of the Joint Committee on Gender Pay Equity at the University of Victoria. University of Victoria. 
University of Waterloo  2015 Memorandum of Settlement between the University of Waterloo and the Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo
University of Waterloo  2009 Report of The Working Group on Women’s Salary Equity 
University of Waterloo  2016 Salary Anomaly Working Group Analysis and Findings 
University of Western Ontario  2005 Report of the Faculty Pay Equity Committee 
University of Western Ontario  2006 Implementation Committee for Gender Based Salary Adjustments 
University of Western Ontario  2009 The University of Western Ontario Gender-Based Salary Anomaly Study 
University of Western Ontario  2010 Gender-Based Salary Anomaly Implementation Report 
University of Windsor  2002 Salary Anomalies Among Faculty Members and Librarians at the University of Windsor  
University of Winnipeg   1999 Joint Womens’ Pay Equity Committee Report 
Wilfrid Laurier University  2017Final Analysis and Recommendation of the Bi-Lateral Committee on Gender-based Pay
York University   1997 Issues in the Faculty Pay Equity Exercise 
York University   2020 Equal Pay Exercise