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Bargaining Advisories for Equity

Equity in the Appointment and Career Progress of Academic staff

CAUT Bargaining Advisory on Starting Salaries for Academic Staff (updated November 2023)

Academic staff associations should protect their members against compensation inequities by representing them in the negotiation of all terms and conditions of employment. This means negotiating firm, transparent salary grids with clearly defined criteria for initial grid placement.

The updated Bargaining Advisory on Starting Salaries for Academic Staff provides advice on collective agreement provisions by drawing on leading language from CAUT members' agreements.

Equity in the Appointment & Career Progress of Academic Staff (March 2021)

Academic staff associations have negotiated collective agreement language to eliminate discriminatory practices and promote the recruitment, retention, and advancement of members of underrepresented groups. This bargaining advisory looks specifically at examples of collective agreement language pertaining to equity in the appointment and career progress of academic staff. It updates and complements the 2008 advisory Realizing Equity.

CAUT Advisory on the Legal Basis for Special/Equity Programs (Dec 2020)

Every province and territory in Canada provides protection for special programs (e.g. affirmative staffing) in their human rights legislation.

Bargaining for Indigenization of the Academy (Jan 2020)

It has been almost 5 years since the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) released its final report. A  number of its recommendations call upon educational institutions and the academic community generally to play a key role in reconciliation. Academic associations across the country have been working to respond to the TRC calls to action. This bargaining advisory looks at how specific collective agreement language can support Indigenization of the academy.