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Association equity goals

Association equity goals

Whether collective bargaining, grievance arbitration or political action, associations need strength to use these tools to tackle equity issues. Below is a list of association goals to ensure these tools stay sharp for equity.

Collective bargaining

  • Strong equity language in the collective agreement
  • Continuous member engagement on equity priorities
  • Diverse representation on the collective bargaining team
  • Political will and member support to push equity issues in bargaining

Grievance handling

  • Educated membership on the grievance process and its role in confronting discriminatory practices
  • Proactive identification and actioning of potential equity grievances
  • Diverse representation on the grievance committee and amongst grievance officers

Political action

  • Association political action or campaign committees
  • Engaged membership and membership structures to identify equity issues amenable to political pressure
  • Strong volunteer base to engage in campaign work
  • Alliances with other unions, student and community groups on campus around equity issues