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Demand better funding for colleges and universities

Post-secondary education is key to good jobs, a strong economy, and vibrant communities, ready to face the future.  

Decades of funding claw backs by governments have allowed tuition fees to skyrocket, making post-secondary education out of reach for many and undermining the quality of education and research delivered at our public colleges and universities. In view of the renegotiation of agreements of federal social transfers with provinces and territories in 2024, the federal government has a unique opportunity to facilitate a national vision for high quality, affordable and accessible post-secondary education. 

Join us in demanding better funding for our public colleges and universities. 

We call on federal, provincial and territorial governments to work together to:  

  • Reduce the cost of post-secondary education for improved accessibility for everyone
  • Improve working and learning conditions for better quality 
  • Address underemployment to ensure a thriving scientific and research workforce in Canada. 

The federal government must show leadership on post-secondary education as it has on childcare and health care. 

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Together we can make public post-secondary education in Canada affordable, accessible and high quality.