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March 2017


Governance on the rocks

Do academic staff today have much of a say in university & college governance? “Universities are becoming so large,...

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March, 2017

Academic advisor

F.N. de SASKATOON écritHow does one become a member of the university board of governors? David...

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March, 2017

President’s message / Through the looking glass

By James Compton Sometimes while reading the newspaper, I stop and ask myself: “Did he really...

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In this Issue

By Mark Crane After a marathon bargaining session that stretched into the pre-dawn hours of Nov. 26, 2015...


Interview / Jennifer Dekker

In mid-January, the Association of Professors of the University of Ottawa won a court decision allowing for a review...

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Book review

Book review / Leading the Modern University: York University's presidents on continuity and change, 1974-2014

Lorna R. Marsden (ed). University of Toronto Press, 2016; 248 pp; ISBN: 978-1-44264-875-3. By Penni Stewart Funding...

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