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March 2020


Stronger together

The majority of Canadian provinces are currently ruled by conservative governments, however they might be named: the...

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March, 2020

President’s message / Working together for a stronger community

By Brenda Austin-Smith “Stronger Together” was the theme of CAUT’s member association Council...

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March, 2020

Commentary / The plain truth about performance-based funding

By Marc Spooner Like clumsily knocked over dominoes, one by one our provincial governments are...

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Michael Lynk

Interview / Michael Lynk

Michael Lynk is an associate professor at Western University’s Faculty of Law, where he has taught courses in...

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Book review

Book review / Course Correction: A map for the distracted university

Paul W. Gooch University of Toronto Press, 2019; 256 pp; ISBN: 978-1-48752-356-5. By Howard A. Doughty Paul W. Gooch...

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