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News / Australian bushfires solidarity

News / Australian bushfires solidarity / Byronsdad

The bushfire crisis currently gripping Australia has had a devastating impact on wildlife and people. CAUT’s sister organization, the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU), is reporting that the fires have directly affected some of their members who have suffered loss of their homes and other financial hardships. Some universities have also provided members with additional leave so that they can defend their homes and communities and provide volunteer support in response to this national disaster.

CAUT associations and members can show their solidarity with the NTEU by donating to the Australian Council of Trade Unions’ Bushfire Relief Fund or the Australian Red Cross. Beyond this direct support, the NTEU is urging colleagues around the world to call out the fact that the severity of the bushfires is a direct result of climate change, and that any serious response must include a comprehensive approach to tackle the climate crisis both in Australia and around the globe.

Please take a moment to show your solidary with all our Australian colleagues and communities affected by this disaster.


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