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February 2018


The dominant language of science

“It is ironic that, in order to make French science known to the scientific community, French-speaking researchers...

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February 2018

News / Manitoba labour board rules in favour of UMFA

The Manitoba Labour Board has found the University of Manitoba guilty of unfair labour practice...

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February 2018

News / CAUT appears before Quebec National Assembly

CAUT testified Feb. 8 before the Commission de la culture et de l’éducation at Quebec’s National...

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February 2018

News / Deal at Dalhousie

The Dalhousie Faculty Association and Dalhousie University reached a tentative agreement Feb. 1,...

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In this Issue

by James Compton Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is halfway through its term. The honeymoon period is...


Interview / Mona Nemer

In September 2017 Mona Nemer, a cardiac researcher, and former University of Ottawa vice-president (research) was...

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Book review

Book review / Higher education, social class and social mobility: The degree generation

Ann-Marie Bathmaker, Nicola Ingram, Jessie Abrahams, Anthony Hoare, Richard Waller & Harriet Bradley. Palgrave...

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Book review / Understanding climate change: Science, policy, and practice

Sarah L. Burch & Sara E. Harris.University of Toronto Press, 2014; 307 pp; ISBN: 978-1-44261-455-1. by Howard A....

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