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May 2017


Turmoil in Turkey

Like mothers throughout history, Turkish academic Elcin Aktoprak’s hopes and fears are many. “I am afraid for my...

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May, 2017

Academic advisor

R.L. of Vancouver writesI have assigned ‘A’ grades to a narrow majority of students in a small,...

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May, 2017

President’s message / The boundary work of Twitter

By James Compton I’m not much of a Twitter user. To be honest, I find the medium to be a...

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In this Issue

by Jon Beasley-Murray, Francesca Cadel, James Ellis & Pablo Policzer Today, when the attacks against the...


Interview / Robert Chernomas

The University of Manitoba Faculty Association was on strike for 20 days in November 2016. At the helm of their...

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Book review

Book review / The death of expertise: The campaign against established knowledge and why it matters

Tom Nichols. Oxford University Press, 2017; 240 pp; ISBN: 978-0-19046-941-2. By Scott McLemee A survey of 7,000...

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