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Turkish academics targeted after failed coup

Turkish academics targeted after failed coup

In mid-July Turkish armed forces attempted a military coup sparking anti-coup demonstrations throughout Turkey.
CAUT is calling on Turkish authorities to end the crackdown on academics and teachers following the failed coup attempt in late July.

“We respectfully urge Turkish authorities to exercise restraint, observe the rule of law, and fully uphold the civil liberties and academic freedom of educators,” CAUT executive director David Robinson stated in a letter issued on July 20 to the Turkish ambassador to Canada. “Those teachers and academics who have been suspended or were forced to resign should be immediately reinstated.”

According to reports, approximately 15,000 educators have been suspended. “The sheer number of arrests and suspensions is nothing short of alarming, and suggests that purges are now being used to censor anyone, including academics, who is critical of the government,” added Robinson.


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