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Contract Academic Staff Committee Terms of Reference

Status and Role

(a) The Contract Academic Staff Committee shall be a Standing Committee of Council.

(b) The Committee shall make recommendations to Council and the Executive Committee on policies and activities in relation to contract academic staff.


(a) The Committee shall be composed of nine members (including the Person Chairing). Six members shall be the leaders of Contract Academic Staff (as designated by the member association) from the six CAUT member associations having the largest number of Contract Academic Staff. The seventh member shall represent Contract Academic Staff at medium-size institutions with at least fifty Contract Academic Staff members, and, where possible, from a region or province not already represented on the Committee. The eighth member shall represent contract academic staff at smaller institutions.

(b) Each association will retain its seat on the committee as long as it remains one of the six associations with the largest contract academic staff membership. The members representing mid-size and smaller associations shall normally serve for a three year term with the possibility of renewal.

(c) The term of the Person Chairing the Committee shall normally be two years.

(d) The President shall be an ex-officio member of the Committee. The Executive Director shall be a non-voting member of the Committee. The Executive Director shall designate staff to provide support to the Committee.


(a) To advise the CAUT Council and Executive Committee concerning policies of CAUT in relation to contract academic staff.

(b) To review and comment upon policy proposed from other CAUT committees/ groups.

Selection of committee members

(a) Each year the six member associations with the largest contract academic staff membership will designate their contract academic staff leader to serve on the committee.

(b) A vacancy for the Committee members representing smaller and mid-size institutions shall be advertised in the CAUT Bulletin and by direct mailing to local and provincial associations/unions by November 30. The President, Vice-President, Past-President and Executive Director will follow-up the direct mailing with member associations to gather as complete a list of potential committee members as possible.

(c) The President, Vice-President, Past-President and Executive Director will review the list of persons to represent smaller and mid-size institutions and will recommend potential members to the Executive Committee. The rationale for the selection of members will be presented to the Executive along with the names. The members approved by the Executive will be approached to serve and will be advised that their selection will be dependent on the ratification of the CAUT Council. When someone declines, the Executive will be asked to name a replacement who will then be approached.

(d) The approved committee members will be presented to the Spring Council for ratification. Should Council refuse to ratify the candidates, the matter will be referred back to the Executive who will bring a revised list to the same Council meeting.

Nomination and election procedures for a person to chair

(a) The person to chair the Committee shall normally have served at least one year on the Committee. The Chair shall serve for the term indicated in section 2(c).

(b) The Chair of the Committee shall be elected by CAUT Council. The deadline for nomination shall be March 1 of the year that the incumbent's term expires. Any vacancy, howsoever occurring in the position of Chair, shall be filled by Council electing a successor. Any person, so elected, shall hold office for the balance of the term of the office involved.

Mode of Operation

(a) The Committee shall normally meet two times a year. There shall be provision for additional meetings by telephone conference call or in person, as the need determines.

(b) A quorum for meetings of the Committee is 50% of the voting members.


(a) The Committee shall report regularly to the Executive and to Council through its Chair.

(b) The Committee shall prepare a written report for presentation at the Spring Meeting of the Council.
Approved by Council, November 2012.