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Redeployment of Academic Staff

CAUT Policy Statement

Academic staff should be redeployed only if their academic units (including libraries and parts thereof) or programs (including academic library services) are closed or restructured. Closure or restructuring should occur only for bona fide academic reasons and only with the approval of the institution’s senior academic body.

The changing state of disciplinary knowledge and scholarly communication, as well as the evolving post-secondary educational needs of society, may require the reorganization of programs and of administrative structures within the institution which deliver those programs. New programs may be approved while others in rare circumstances may become redundant.

Program redundancy means a decision to terminate a program. Programs may be declared redundant only for valid academic reasons: under no circumstances shall budgetary restraint result in a program redundancy. Academic administrators may consider redundancy when a program has sustained a significant, and likely continuing, loss of students, or when academic units need to be reorganized as a result of academic planning. Neither the dean nor the registrar shall restrict enrollments in a program if a possible result of that restriction would be to undermine the viability of the program creating an artificial program redundancy. Although academic administrators may recommend that a program be declared redundant, the final decision must lie with the senior academic body.

No academic staff should be laid off as a result of a program redundancy.

In the event of a program redundancy institutions may be required to restructure academic units such as departments, faculties, schools or institutes. Academic staff should as a consequence be reassigned or transferred to other existing or new academic units and provided with any necessary training. The employer should bear all costs associated with redeployment. Academic staff who have been reassigned or transferred to other academic units must retain all rights and privileges including rank, salary and seniority.

Academic staff associations should negotiate redundancy clauses in their collective agreements which establish proper procedures and criteria for dealing with program redundancies. Such clauses must provide for full collegial consultation.

Approved by CAUT Council, April 2013.