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Social Justice

CAUT Policy Statement

Social justice is a dynamic goal of democratic societies. It includes respect for the democratic rights and civil liberties of every individual and for the inherent right of every person, without discrimination, to equal treatment under the law and to equitable access to food, shelter, meaningful work, health care, education, and public services. All individuals and all groups have an obligation to promote social justice.

The right to education is both a human right and a right which is essential to the common good of society. Education’s most basic purpose is to enhance life and the dignity of the human person -- an objective that is difficult to achieve in the absence of fundamental human rights.

A climate of repression, violence, poverty or denial of social justice undermines the ability of university and college academic staff to fulfill effectively their public obligation to search for and disseminate knowledge and truth.

Approved by the CAUT Council, November 2013.