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Maternity and Parental Leaves

CAUT Policy Statement

Employers are required to grant maternity, pregnancy, paternity, adoption, and parental leaves in accordance with provincial and federal legislation, and should provide full salary and benefits to members, less any amount of benefit a member receives from provincial or federal governments. Each parent has the right to these leaves when both are members of the bargaining unit. Whether taking the regular one year, or extended 18-month parental leave, members should have the option of an unpaid parental leave of up to one (1) additional year.

During the leave, salary, pension, benefits, and all seniority rights and accumulations should continue uninterrupted.

Members returning from maternity or parental leave should be provided with the option of a reduced workload and a graduated return to a full workload.

Members on maternity or parental leave should have an extension of two (2) years for application for reappointment, tenure/permanence and promotion. Employers should make this known to all academic staff rather than placing the burden on members to make this request.

Maternity or parental leave should not be taken concurrently with or in substitution for any other form of leave.

Employers should ensure that pregnant members are not required to work in an environment which may be hazardous to the member and/or the embryo and fetus.

Upon return to work the member should resume their position as before, with all salary increments increases and benefits having accrued as though the member was not away on leave.

For Contract Academic Staff all provisions of these leaves should apply on a pro-rated basis.

Approved by the CAUT Council, November 2015;
Reviewed by the CAUT Executive Committee and referred to CAUT Legal Department for review, September 2020;
Revised by CAUT Legal Department, October 2020;
Editorial revisions, June 2023.