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Academic Administrators Outside the Bargaining Unit

CAUT Policy Statement

Academic administrators should hold an academic appointment in an academic unit1. Administrators may not participate in collegial processes in the unit other than those specified in the collective agreement as long as they are outside the bargaining unit.

Academic administrators may be chosen from an academic unit or hired externally into an academic unit.

With internal appointments, the institution should provide sufficient funds for the academic unit to replace the administrator for the period of the administrative appointment.

With external appointments, the administrator should meet the requirements of the collective agreement for academic appointments.

If an academic administrator has academic responsibilities, the Head of the relevant academic unit should assess their performance of that work using the evaluation procedures in the collective agreement.

When the academic administrator returns to his/her academic unit, his/her salary should follow the provisions of the collective agreement.

The duties and responsibilities of academic administrators should be open and transparent to the entire university.

Appointment, review and reappointment procedures should be open and transparent and should provide for the significant participation of academic staff and faculty association representatives. There should be a process for initiating an early review of an academic administrator.

Academic administrators who fail to perform or abuse their duties and responsibilities should be subject to investigation, discipline and/or dismissal from their administrative appointment.

Academic administrators retain their right to academic freedom.

Approved by the CAUT Council, April 2016.

1 Academic “units” include faculties, schools, institutes, centres, libraries and similarly designated administrative bodies which have academic mandates.