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Evaluation of Teaching

CAUT Policy Statement

The evaluation of teaching is negotiated with the academic staff association, and is incorporated in the collective agreement.

Procedures for the evaluation of teaching should take into account all information about teaching that the academic staff member chooses to provide in their teaching dossier. Results of student opinion surveys should not be included in that dossier1.

The evaluation should take into account the context of teaching: the size, type and nature of courses, and the amount and type of pedagogical development by the academic staff member.

All academic staff have the right to develop and maintain their teaching competence and effectiveness, and to develop their pedagogy under the protection of academic freedom. The character and quality of post-secondary education and the learning experiences of students require the strongest support of teaching as a mode of critical inquiry.

Approved by the CAUT Council, November 2016.

1 See Policy Statement on Student Opinion Surveys