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Release Time Policy


The principal purpose of the CAUT Release Time Policy is to provide time free of regular academic duties, for officers and chairs of standing committees, so that they can devote time to the work of the Association. Payment of release time funds also serves the purpose of attracting able and experienced volunteers as candidates for office and provides a tangible recognition that the Association values volunteer contributions.

The Release Time Policy is based on the principle that payment of release time funds should be made available for a variety of purposes, provided that an appropriate amount of time is to be delivered to the association by the officer and that the funds are not made available for the personal benefit of any officer so as to be used as a salary supplement.

Value of Release Time Units

The value of the unit shall be sufficient to allow release from two one-semester courses or the equivalent.

Positions Eligible for Release Time Funds

The positions eligible for release time funds and the unit amounts are as follows:

    President: 3 units
    All other members: 1 unit each


In the event that a vacancy occurs and is filled during the November Council, one half-unit of release time will be paid to the elected member. Should the vacancy be for the position of President, a one and one-half unit of release time will be paid.

Disbursement and Administration of Release Time Funds

The Executive Committee shall be advised of the local arrangements for release time by July 1 and will indicate its approval by July 31, in each case. Executive Committee approval is necessary in each case and such approval shall be subject only to the principles stated hereinafter. In the event of a dispute between an officer and the Executive Committee, Council will decide the issue at its fall meeting of that year.

The release time funds will be disbursed to the institution or association in each case subsequent to the Executive Committee's approval and upon receipt of an invoice from the institution or association stating to which accounts the funds are to be credited and for what purpose. In no case will the funds be paid directly to the CAUT officer or otherwise be made available to the officer for personal use.

The release time funds may be used for either or both of the following two purposes. They may be used to secure the course or other equivalent release or they may be paid into a research grant account in the name and for the use of the CAUT officer, which account should be administered by the institution in the same manner that it would administer a grant from a Canadian research council in the officer's academic discipline, or they may be transferred to a professional development account under similar institutional control.

The disbursement must be requested and completed within the CAUT fiscal year coinciding with the officer's term.

Contract Academic Staff whose appointments are less than 100% FTE are eligible to receive a stipend (equal to the value of release time) rather than release time, if they choose.

Approved by the CAUT Council, November 2013.