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Donald C. Savage Award

Nomination Form & Deadline

Nominations for the award can be made using this form. The deadline for submissions for nominations will be February 1st of each year.


The Donald C. Savage Award was established in 1997 in honour of Donald C. Savage, Executive Director of CAUT 1972-1997, and was instituted to honour and to recognize outstanding achievements in the promotion of collective bargaining in Canadian universities and colleges.


  • Candidates, either individuals or groups, need not be a member of the academic community but the results of their contribution(s) must have benefitted the cause of collective bargaining in the post-secondary;
  • The outstanding quality of the contribution may derive from the result of a single project or activity, or the accumulation of efforts through consistent involvement over a long period of time in supporting the cause of collective bargaining in the post-secondary sector; and
  • Candidates’ contributions which have had national implications for the collective bargaining process may have been focused locally (in a single university or college), provincially, regionally, nationally, or a combination of these.

CAUT will solicit nominations in the fall of each year. The deadline for submissions for nominations will be February 1st of each year. Nominations will be reviewed by CAUT’s Collective Bargaining and Economic Benefits Committee and recommendations will be forwarded to CAUT Council. The number and frequency of awards will be as the Committee and CAUT Council deem.


Academic staff associations, collective bargaining committees, or any other interested parties are invited to submit recommendations for the Donald C. Savage Award.

Recommendations should include the following:

  • a letter giving a detailed statement describing specifically the contributions and achievements of the candidate as they relate to distinguished contributions to the advancement of collective bargaining in the post-secondary sector;
  • a full curriculum vitae, where appropriate; and;
  • letters of support.

CAUT may gather additional information as it feels necessary to assist in its decision making.

Recommendations should be addressed to: Chair, CAUT Collective Bargaining and Economic Benefits Committee, c/o Canadian Association of University Teachers, 2705 Queensview Drive, Ottawa, ON K2B 8K2.


2021 — Helga Hallgrímsdóttir (Victoria)
2020 — OPSEU Bargaining Team
2019 — Stephen Law (Mount Allison)
2018 — Robert Chernomas (Manitoba)
2017 — Robert Farmer (Mount Saint Vincent)
2017 — Jon Church (Memorial)
2016 — Suzanne Prior (St. Thomas)
2016 — Terry Sway (ACIFA) 
2015 — Rolland Gaudet (Saint-Boniface)
2012 — Mike Dawes (Western)
2010 — Chris Ferns (Mount Saint Vincent)
2009 — Doug Lorimer (Wilfrid Laurier)
2009 — Joyce Lorimer (Wilfrid Laurier)
2009 — Victor Catano (Saint Mary's)
2002 — Peter Hemingway (Regina)
1999 — Gordon Unger (Alberta)
1998 — Charles Bigelow (Manitoba)