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News / Niagara off the hook, for now

News / Niagara off the hook, for now

A motion of censure concerning Niagara College’s operations took centre stage at CAUT’s November Council meeting. Niagara was facing the threat of CAUT censure because of the college’s operation of gender-segregated campuses and programs in Saudi Arabia. CAUT raised concerns that the college administration was not fully respecting gender equality and acade­mic freedom.

After reviewing the discussions between CAUT representatives and Niagara, Council elected to withdraw the motion of censure. Council also directed CAUT’s executive director to maintain a watching brief on the issue to ensure that: women aren’t excluded from the courses the Ontario college offers in Saudi Arabia; the college provides legal support for academic staff teaching at the Saudi campuses; and, the college commits to full transparency in its Saudi operations, including making publicly available information on finances, educational programming and governance.


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