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Acadia academic staff vote “no confidence” in university leadership

Acadia University academic staff sent a strong message to its University leadership this month. During the spring meeting of its Faculty Council, Acadia’s faculty members voted 89 per cent in favour of a motion expressing "no confidence" in the senior administration's ability to continue leading the university.

Acadia’s Faculty Council, established by the University Senate in 1992, gives Acadia’s Faculty a formal position within the structure of the University, with specific rights and duties. It meets twice a year and during this latest meeting, one of the professors moved to hold the non-confidence vote, partially on the basis of February's strike.

Acadia University Faculty Association (AUFA) members went on strike at the beginning of February and picketing ended a month later when both sides agreed to binding arbitration, which is now underway. The union is seeking to increase the number of tenure-track faculty to meet rising student enrolment, make hiring and working conditions gains for precariously employed and Indigenous faculty, and keep salary improvements in line with cost-of-living increases.

AUFA members have been without a contract since July 2021. They voted to authorize a strike last November, with 94 per cent voting in favour.