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Universities at Risk

The distinguished contributors to this book examine the subject of corporate sponsorship, exploring the influences of powerful industries such as tobacco and pharmaceutical companies. They discuss the struggle for credibility and threats to free inquiry when special interest groups, right-wing think tanks, and discredited popular movements (such as intelligent design) infiltrate academia. Chapters on the middle eastern studies and First Nations universities look at external politics that inhibit intellectual freedom. The more insidious trends toward corporatization and “managerializing” the university also come under scrutiny.

This timely book concludes with a discussion about why preserving academic integrity — despite the clamorous voices of the forces threatening it — is so vital to public interest.

Contributors include:

Brian Alters                        Brenda Gallie                    Kevin Mattson
Gary Bauslaugh                 Donald Gutstein               Arthur Schafer
Mary Burgan                      Marcus Harvey                  Blair Stonechild
Joanna Cohen                   David Healy                      Jon Thompson
Rosemary Deem               Michael Higgins                Pat Walden
Shadia Drury                     Sheldon Krimsky

Edited by: James L. Turk

Published November 2008


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