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Canada's Universities Go Global

This innovative book brings together leading Canadian and international scholars. Its contributors focus on issues that have not been discussed much in public. They deal with the implications of internationalization for teaching and learning, conflicting agendas of internationalization, and ethical concerns. They review the Canadian experience from an international perspective and look at internationalization in the broader context of Canadian higher education policy.

Contributors include:

Adrian Shubert                         France Picard                  Svitlana Taraban
Glen A. Jones                           Diane Mills                        Tove Fynbo
Roopa Desai Trilokekar          Linda Steinman                Nikki MacMillan
Simon Marginson                   Lori Hanson                             Todd Odgers
Ulrich Teichler                         Madeline Johnson                    Isabelle Giroux
Christine Savage                   Deborah Barndt                       Julia Richardson
Ken McBey                             Steve McKenna                       Yves E. Beaudin
Kumari V. Beck                      John Dwyer                               Darryl Reed

Edited by: Roopa Desai Trilokekar, Glen A. Jones and Adrian Shubert

Published in 2009


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