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Cape Breton U profs vote in favour of strike action

Members of the Cape Breton University Faculty Association (CBUFA) have voted overwhelmingly to support job action if current contract negotiations fail.

The strike vote comes after a month of talks with the University has resulted in little progress.

CBUFA President Andrew Molloy says the main issue remains the threat of potential layoffs in September.

“This would make CBU the only university in the province to be laying off faculty and staff despite having a better fiscal history than other Nova Scotia universities,” said Molloy.

The cost of layoffs to the Cape Breton community could be significant, with the University’s President, David Wheeler, admitting that a 10 per cent cut would translate into “taking at least $10 million out of the Cape Breton economy and eliminating up to 140 direct and indirect jobs in the region.” 

Of the 123 votes cast in the strike vote, 111 voted in favour.

The CBUFA represents 145 Professors, Librarians, Archivists, Lab Instructors, Nursing Practice Educators, and Research Chairs.