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CAUT Urges Release of Canadian Academic Detained in Iran

The Canadian Association of University Teachers is expressing deep concern over the unjustified arrest of the internationally renowned anthropologist and Concordia University Professor Homa Hoodfar.

A longstanding and highly respected member of the Canadian university community, Professor Hoodfar has been charged by judicial authorities in Iran with sedition against the State.

“Far from a proponent of the seditious activities of which she is accused, Professor Hoodfar has been recognised around the world as a rigorous scholar who takes a balanced and even-handed approach to her anthropological work on Middle Eastern societies, in particular Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Iran,” CAUT Executive Director David Robinson wrote in a letter to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

“Exclusively academic in nature, Professor Hoodfar’s research on issues ranging from household and family relations to the development challenges facing women has been translated into many languages and seeks to dispel stereotypes of Muslim cultural contexts. The unfortunate accusations of subversion against Professor Hoodfar are unfounded as all her colleagues in the international community of scholars can attest to her integrity without hesitation.”

CAUT is urging President Rouhani to immediately assist in securing Professor Hoodfar’s release. 

Members of CAUT are encouraged to sign the on-line petition demanding that Prof. Hoodfar be freed and allowed to return to Canada.