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Academic staff associations from across Canada join Nipissing picket lines

Representatives from academic staff associations across the country are joining the full-time faculty at Nipissing on the picket lines today to show their solidarity and support.

“We urge the employer to get back to the table to negotiate with Nipissing’s faculty for a fair and equitable contract ,” said James Compton, Vice-President of the Canadian Association of University Teachers.

“Good governance, stable staffing, and tenured faculty positions are necessary to provide the best quality education to this Northern Ontario community,” he added.

The full-time faculty began strike action on November 2 after talks ended between the Nipissing University Faculty Association (NUFA) and the employer. The CAUT Defence Fund gave a million dollars to the faculty association to help the members cope with the labour dispute.

“We are in solidarity with the courageous and principled actions of NUFA members and we demonstrate with them today to show the strength in numbers they have from their colleagues from coast to coast,” said Compton.

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