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Press for additional compensation for CAS

Press for additional compensation and job security for contract academic staff

Research shows that Indigenous and equity-seeking members of the academy are more likely to be working part time or part-year. Remote teaching requires additional hours of course preparation. It is important to seek remuneration for course development and technology costs for contract academic staff (CAS) and to find ways to enhance job security.

CAS may have collective agreement rights to continuing employment status between contracts. This provides an enforceable expectation of contract renewal based on renewal history, seniority rights or the right of first refusal of contracts. An administrative decision not to renew a contract may be challenged and might, depending upon your collective agreement language, be subject to proof of financial distress or exigency. Associations should try to ensure that any eliminated CAS positions will be returned. Protocols should be in place to ensure that CAS are able to apply to teach the same courses once they become available again.

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