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From our readers / Theft is theft

From our readers / Theft is theft

René Wells at the University of Calgary writes:

I just read the president’s message in the February Bulletin. I suggest the president is plain wrong in his understanding and interpretation of “taxes are theft.” This has nothing to do with any “radical ahistoricism,” nor needs to be explained using any neo-communist interpretation of what is driving today’s society. It has to do with the perception by many that some ‘elites’ in power are diverting the resources of the state to their own benefit and to the detriment of those left behind. It has to do with the perception that any form of fiduciary duty is being ignored by the said ‘elites.’ Be it coal miners of West Virginia, retirees of UK backwaters, Spanish unemployed youths, etc. they all feel let down. It is unfortunate their anger is being captured by populists both on the left and the right, and we have been there before. The parallel for university faculty is obvious, and even well documented: some ‘elites’ have captured the institutions for their own benefit and resources are being diverted from their intended purposes of teaching and research. You do not need to intellectualize a problem if it can be easily summarized: “theft is theft.”


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