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December 2017


The case for balanced copyright

For Seven Generations: An Information Legacy of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples was released in CD-ROM...

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December 2017

President’s message / A teachable moment at Queen’s Park

by James Compton “Thank you so much for coming!” I had just stepped down from the temporary...

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December 2017

Academic advisor

K.G. of Beaconsfield writes The dean has sent me a “letter of counselling.” She assures me the...

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Interview / Michael Geist

Michael Geist is a law professor at the University of Ottawa and holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and...

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Book review

Book review / The usefulness of useless knowledge

Abraham Flexner. Princeton University Press, 2017; 93 pp; ISBN: 978-0-69117-476-1. by Alan Rauch The Usefulness of...

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