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October 2017


The faces of precarity

Their names are Tom, Sarika, Noureddine and Émilie. But they could be Rachel, John, Taylor and Mike. It could also...

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October 2017

News // Federal government appoints chief science advisor

CAUT is welcoming the news that Dr. Mona Nemer has been appointed by the federal government as...

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October 2017

News // Stewart Reid Fellowship winner announced

Crystal Acosta, a PhD candidate at the University of Manitoba, has been awarded the 2017 J.H....

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In this Issue

CAUT is undertaking a national survey of contract academic staff at Canadian universities, colleges and...
by James Compton Are contract academic staff the canaries in the academic coal mine? There is an...
H.F. of Fredericton writes I am a contract instructor. Course assignments at my institution are by...


Interview // Kimberly Ellis-Hale

Kimberly Ellis-Hale is the contract faculty (CF) liaison officer for the Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty...

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