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Niagara College faces boycott over Saudi campuses

Niagara College faces boycott over Saudi campuses

CAUT is threatening censure of Niagara College if the institution continues to operate gender-segregated campuses and programs in Saudi Arabia.  
“These [campuses and programs] operate in a repressive country known for its severe clampdown on freedom of expression, mass executions, and gender-based discrimination and violence,” wrote CAUT executive director David Robinson in a letter to Niagara College president Dan Patterson.         

At CAUT’s fall Council meeting in November, delegates unanimously passed a motion that unless the concerns over the college’s offshore Saudi campuses are satisfactorily resolved, censure of the administration will be imposed at the spring 2017 meeting of Council.          

A censure would call on academics not to accept positions at the college, not to speak at or participate in conferences held at the college, and not to accept any honours or distinctions from the college.          

“We continue to hope a resolution can be found that is acceptable to all parties,” said Robinson. “Our objective is not to censure the institution, but to ensure that the administration fully respects gender equality and academic freedom.” 


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