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Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee

The Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee is a Standing Committee of CAUT Council with responsibility for:

  • Dealing, on behalf of the Association, with appeals made to it by individual faculty members who consider that their professional rights have been infringed.
  • Making recommendations to Council on policy matters relating to academic freedom and tenure, grievances and discrimination, as well as policy matters arising from the Committee's consideration of academic rights issues. 


  • Michael Arfken (University of Prince Edward Island Faculty Association), Chair
  • Peter McInnis (CAUT President), ex-officio
  • Robin Whitaker (CAUT Vice-President), ex-officio
  • David Robinson (CAUT Executive Director), ex-officio (non-voting)
  • Kumari Beck (Simon Fraser University Faculty Association)
  • Alison Braley-Rattai (Brock University Faculty Association)
  • Jon-Tomas Godin (Brandon University Faculty Association)
  • Dyala Hamzah (Syndicat général des professeurs et professeures de l'Université de Montréal)
  • Elizabeth Hanson (Queen's University Faculty Association)
  • Jacqueline Holler (University of Northern British Columbia Faculty Association)
  • Michael Lynk (University of Western Ontario Faculty Association)
  • Patricia Navarra (American Association of University Professors) (observer)
  • Erik Thomson (University of Manitoba Faculty Association)
  • Vlad Tasić (Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers)

CAUT Staff 

  • Sarah Godwin (Director, Legal Services & Labour Relations, General Counsel)


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