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Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education Working Group

The Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education Working Group reports to the Executive Committee and makes recommendations on initiatives CAUT and its local associations should take to advance the diverse interests of Aboriginal academic staff in universities and colleges in Canada.

Members of the working group

  • Cash Ahenakew (University of British Columbia)
  • Marie Battiste (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Rainey Gaywish (Algoma University)
  • Karl Hele ( Concordia University)
  • Zaa Joseph (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
  • David Newhouse (Trent University)
  • Jacqueline Romanow (University of Manitoba)
  • Priscilla Settee (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Wanda Wuttunee (University of Manitoba)
  • Margaret McGovern-Potié (Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, CAUT)


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